Cube Cum Album – DT Project by Vrajangna

Hello crafty friends,

This is Vrajangna here, back with some lovely project, album cube cum album.

I was originally inspired from Tara’s calendar cube for this project. You can visit her at

I started by cutting 6 squares of chipboard measuring 15 cm by 15 cm.


Then I took 4 square chipboards and marked lied at every 1 cm. And then rotate it to 90 degree and mark two lines leaving good enough space between two lines.


Now mark the chipboards A, B, C, D. Also each 1cm space is for 12 months. So start with month 1 on A chipboard, 2 on B, 3 on C and so on till you reach 12th month.


Once you are done with marking, use knife or blade to cut a rectangle of the marked month as shown in pic.

You will have to cut as under

For chipboard A – 1,5,9

For chipboard B – 2,6,10

For chipboard C -3,7,11

For chipboard D – 4,8,12. (Refer images below for reference).





I then took Papericious “Fairy land” paper pack and started decorating the chipboards.

front 1.jpg

front 2.jpg

front 3 4.jpg

Now join chipboard A, B and a top layer from the left 2 chipboards. Similarly join chipboard C, D and the last chipboard piece. So u will have the parts ready to form a cube, but before assembling we have to add something more inside.

Now take any leftover pieces of thick paper u have, I took a brochure I had and cut it in a rectangular shape to fit just below the slit (as shown in pics) to support the inserts we add at the end.




Now join both the parts and your cube is ready.

I added pearl to all the border to add charm and cover up the joints.

Start embellishing it.

For inserts I divided the fairy land papers into half (6 by 12 inches), folded it to form a mini booklet with a small pocket at one end to store photographs or tags.

Took spellbinder die and cut the die cut into half to make it a tab which will help to pull out the booklet from the cube.

I used various sheets from the pack for the 12 inserts.


in 2.jpg

in 3.jpg

in 4.jpg

in 5.jpg

in 6.jpg

For the top, I used spellbinder pocket die, joined two die cuts leaving a bit of space to form a pocket.


POCKET 2.jpg

Fussy cut the fairies, butterflies and bird images from the sheet in the pack. Used acrylic sheet pieces to suspend the butterflies and birds at height so the keep on shaking with the wind. ADDED MULBERRY FLOWERS

Also used Spellbinder flourish die from Holiday die set to form a wine for the flowers.

To add sentiment I used Downtown abbey frame die, covered the sentiment with glossy accent and sprinkled with distress rock candy glitter to add some shimmer. Attached it to the frame using two-way foam tape.



Here is the final product. U can keep it on table as a calendar and also store your memories in each insert.

final 1.jpg

final 2.jpg

Hope you will like my new creation.